500 Lovemaking Tips and Secrets

Since sharing my romance tips with millions of viewers on Oprah and in magazines like Redbook, Cosmopolitan and Men's Health, I have received many emails from people looking for ways to spice up their lovemaking tips just like you.

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All Types of Wedding Speeches

Your Source For Step-by-step Guides That Walk
You Through Everything You Need to Know to
Create Your Own Inspirational Speech!

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Amazing Wedding Planning

The Average Cost of a Single Wedding is Approaching $30,000. But It Doesn't Have to Be... In Fact, You Could Easily Slash Your Wedding Expenses As Much As 80% To Have the Exact Same Wedding!

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Fitness for Weddings

The Wedding Day Diet is a step-by-step, day-by-day action plan that exploits every single weight loss trick in the book. I've taken the underground secrets used by fashion models before their shoots. So you fit perfectly into the wedding dress of your dreams.

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Wedding Planning For Brides & Grooms.

The wedding planners bible and the FREE Wedding Planning Software are both offered to help Wedding Planners, Brides and Grooms gain from my many years of wedding planning experience. The book has been dubbed the "Wedding Planners Bible" because of its informative and structured content and free, yet powerful wedding planners software. This is why this wedding planners package has been downloaded more than 22,000 times.

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50 Secrets Of Blissful Relationships.

Have you ever known a couple that seemed to be on cloud nine all the time? To strangers they would appear to be newlyweds, but in reality they have been together for years. Some people will try to tell you that "fairy tale" relationships don't exist. Well, they do. As seen on Oprah.

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300 Creative Dates - By Oprah Expert.

The World's Most Romantic, Unique and Fun Dating Ideas- as seen on Oprah.
If you are looking for a collection of $100 dates to really impress your sweetheart, THIS ISN'T IT. But if you want 100s of dates that cost from $5-$20 then you have found a goldmine of information.

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Create Your Own Wedding Flowers.

How to Create Your Own Stunning Wedding Flower Bouquets and Arrangements - Without Paying Expensive Florist Fees.

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